Pacific NW Region Annual Mandatory Volunteer Education Program

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Training SiteIn accordance with the Regional Meeting and the request of the League Representatives, the mandatory educational program has been activated. 

Noted below are the minimum personnel on your staffs who must take at least one of the three courses (Football, Spirit or Administrative):

League Level:

    • Entire Board

Association Level:

    • President/Commissioner
    • Vice President/Vice Commissioner
    • Athletic Director/Football Commissioner
    • Cheer/Dance Director/Cheer/Dance Commissioner
    • Scholastic Director/Scholastic Coordinator
    • Head Coach (Football & Cheer/Dance)
    • One Assistant Coach (Football & Cheer/Dance)

Special Provision: If you are a board member and a coach you are required to take the Administration course also.

Online Educational Course Instructions:

  1. Visit
  2. Select "Register" to create a new account
  3. After successfully registering, identify the course you wish to take (Football, Spirit or Administrators)
  4. Click the "Pay Now" link to purchase the appropriate course
  5. Fill in Payment details, and click "Process my Payment" 
  6. Upon successful completion of the payment, click the "Start the Course" button to begin

You can review course information, update your profile and view course status at anytime by clicking on the "Home" link in the menu.  All inquiries should be submitted by using the "Help" link which is located in the menu.

SPECIAL NOTE: If a League, Association or Team wishes to pay for its members: 

If the League, Association or Team is taking on the responsibility of paying the course fees for their individual Administrators or Coaches, they can purchase a Promo Code.  What has to be done is 1) create an account 2) once you have logged-in, you will see a section to purchase the Promo Codes (this is located on the "Home" page).  You will also have the ability to track exactly who has redeemed the code. The Purchaser will need:

  • The number of staff members the organization intends to pay for
  • The payment for the number of members the organization has stated above

Upon acceptance of payment the Promo Code will be emailed to the person who rendered payment.